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Want a custom made leather sling?

I do that! Most of my custom leather slings are bear-grade stuff, sometimes doubling layers but more often using kevlar stitched around the perimeter. They must work because i haven’t really heard back about rivets popping out or anything, which is good!

Third from the bottom! WooHoo!

Well it didn’t take very long at all for this website to re-appear on Google for the search words “leather” + “sling”. A few days ago I went ten pages deep to see where I was and still couldn’t find myself. That’s when I figured I needed to tweak the website. Turns out the standard install of WordPress does not produce meta tags for keywords or site description. I took care of that manually at first and then installed an SEO plugin which now displays the neat tag cloud in the left menu.

I hope to continue climbing up page one of search results ranking until I finally get back to where I had been years ago: number one non-paid-for slot on all major search engines, once the adult filter was found.  Yes, those were heady days, when I would crawl out of bed and sit in front of the computer with fresh hot cup of coffee in hand, and check the email for “Notification of Payment Received” from PayPal. The effect is similar to finding a dollar bill on the floor, that electric thrill runs up your spine to your brain. One time I tried laying my own dollar bill on my floor, in my own house, and then look back down allowing myself to be amazed at the sight of found money. I was! Try it yourself!

Meanwhile today I made a bimini top for a guy’s pontoon boat, I hope he takes a pic for me otherwise I have no idea if it even fits! :)

Recacril Bimini Top by Patrick EagleRiver

Lessons in Search Engine Rankings for, of course, leather sex slings

For the last couple years I noticed my sales going down, down, down, to the point I can go for months without a sale. Today I went to some search engine ranking websites to see if this website even comes up anymore and much to my dismay, does not come up in searches for leather slings! What is up with that?

I think the bottom started falling out when I switched from static HTML pages to first Joomla, and then WordPress. A big reason for the switch from static to dynamic was the procurement of a great application named Artisteer which is a WYSIWYG template builder for various content management systems. Its what got me started using CMS’s and the one I should have checked into more is Drupal because I see more job ads for Drupal-users than Joomla-users.  In the back of my mind, I hope that maintaining an array of databases while I get older and older will help stave off that thing where you forget what you were talking about.

But enough SEO chatter. How about a sexy sling story? Soon I will tell you about my very first ever sling session and the resulting permanent change to my life. For one thing, I wouldn’t be running around acquiring domain names like the singular as well as its plural brother, and the eminently-descriptive

Here’s two of them, with leather padding and layers and layers of high gloss black. You can dismantle them but its a real chore.

a wooden bench for getting fucked on

I have been making these fuck benches for ten years or so, mostly in Ft Lauderdale Fl as in the pic above. I want to get production going again soon but I need to expand my garage first.


Hello! Patrick here!

Here’s my post of the day for March 29, 2015. It snowed today.

I worked on a customer’s bimini top for awhile, and after a beer run and dinner am kicking back for the evening.

Also today I installed some new plugins to get the facebook links going. I hope it helps my search engine placement. I really want my sling production to ramp back up to levels a few years ago. In 2012 I made and shipped 503 slings! All types: leather, canvas, and the new ballistic denier stuff.

Here is another style of leather stirrups I can make for you if you want. Just ask!

Leather Bondage Stirrups


Today I am assembling a bimini top for someone’s pontoon boat. I would much rather be making a leather sling because the new marine-grade materials I am handling are very different from sewing leather. I got mad at a square corner I had to sew and decided to kick back and have a beer before cutting more fabric for the trim. I get to handmake double-folded bias tape from scratch! I hope the thing ends up fitting the bimini rack on the guy’s boat.

I have to get to the grocery store before dinner, its depressing how high the prices are up here in Northern Wisconsin. When I see the price of beef keep rising I know the same is happening for the cow hides. I wonder if before long having an actual leather sling will be a luxury item. Its a good thing the canvas is still affordable!