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Sling Cleaning & Care

Canvas Sling is a great first sling!

Canvas makes for a very comfortable sling that is easy to clean and store. Of course it won’t give you the lifetime of service a latigo sling will, it can wear out same as your favorite denim blue jeans. I began making affordable yet sturdy fabric sex slings for almost ten years now, and there have been no customer complaints at all! I use heftier nylon webbing in the perimeter than other fabric slings I have seen, the stuff I use is rated at 1000# as opposed to a thinner webbing rated at 500#.

Cleaning your canvas sling is as easy as tossing it in the washer with your play towels. It’ll probably shrink up but that relaxes back just like blue jeans. You can even toss the stirrups into the wash as well as there is no metal anywhere to clunk around your washing machine.

My usual sling dimensions of 20″ wide by 36″ long fits great in any portable sling frame

Canvas sling in a portable sling frame