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January 28 2014 I have moved again, for the last time I hope. I am no long in Madison, Wi. My trek North must be almost complete: I started this website down in Ft. Lauderdale, then moved to Athens GA for a spell before coming back to my home state of Wisconsin and I’ve been in Madison for the last several years. Now, I am in Eagle River WI, literally the Great White North. I don’t think it will ever stop snowing. And I’m writing this on March 24!

As always, I am very receptive to any kind of modification you might like to make on a sling, I’ve tried almost everything I think. But I won’t do triangular slings. Those just don’t work well at all.

Also, I’m probably a day further away, not being right next to a major UPS hub like Madison.¬† But the fabric slings go out in the US Mail, 3 Day Priority Mail.

If you have a question about anything email me at or try my cellphone at 715-891-2389.