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Notes on Sling Care

Just some quick notes here:

The Canvas Slings and stirrups can be laundered in hot water, and tumble dried. Throw it in the wash with your gooey play towels, and the canvas sling should last many many years. You’ll notice it shrinks a bit coming out of the wash, just like blue jeans. The nylon webbing in the perimeter is not contracting, just the cotton in the weave, and it comes back to true shape as soon as you climb in.

The Latigo Sling should be cleaned after use with a hot wet cloth, avoid using cleansers that might strip the protective waxes & glues out of the latigo. Be sure to let the latigo dry completely before you roll it up for storage: it can mildew, and once that stuff gets into the leather it will never come out.

The new material in the pillow sling is urethane coated nylon denier. This stuff only needs 409 and a paper towel to clean up. DO NOT put this sling through your washer & dryer!!

Let the sling dry out completely before stowing away to keep the material mildew-free.


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